Welcome to our

Welcome to the heartbeat of our innovative digital craftsmanship. As a central pillar of our fractional CTO umbrella, we fuse creativity with state-of-the-art tech tools. Scaling up? No problem. With a vast array of tools in our stack, we fuel our Javascript future. We carefully craft web and technical solutions that scale with your ambitions and objectives. Be it project ideation, planning, preparation or execution, from integrating third-party APIs to employing robust hosting solutions - we're here to elevate every busy little pixel of your digital journey.

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You're not just entering a web development studio

Ours is a digital ecosystem crafted for scale-ups. As part of our broader fractional CTO vision, we've opted to work with the best tooling in the business: Javascript, React, NextJS, Astro for web, and React-Native for mobile. Your content, enriched by Payload or Craft CMS, becoming more than just words...it's a narrative. And with our prowess in third-party API integrations and cutting-edge hosting solutions, we promise a journey that's smooth, efficient, and memorable. Ready to redefine your digital footprint?

Expertise in techical solutions

mobile isn't just a platform; it's a passion. Our journey has seen us partnering with global icons like Web Summit and The Next Web, to infrastructural pillars such as:... With impactful projects spanning Ireland to the Netherlands in governmental tech initiatives, we've always been at the cusp of what's next in mobile. Dive in with us, and let's craft a mobile narrative that captures hearts and minds.

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More than a service; we're your digital compass

Navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape can be daunting, but our seasoned team is here to guide you from your current position to your envisioned pinnacle. As trusted advisors, we'll share insights that illuminate your path. As builders, we craft robust solutions tailored to your unique needs. And as technical facilitators and enablers, we ensure a seamless transition and implementation, empowering your business every step of the way. With Busy Little Pixels by your side, your journey towards growth and innovation is not just assured; it's inspired.